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What to see and do in Krakow?

Being one of the most mesmerizing cities in Poland and in Europe, Krakow is being regularly mentioned in “top cities” rankings. It’s no wonder taking into account the multitude of attractions available to younger and older tourists, coming either for a weekend break or regular holidays. What to do in Krakow? What are the most attractive places by day? Where to go in Krakow by night? Hopefully our guidebook will help you make the most of your trip!

Must sees for everyone

As Krakow simply resonates with cultural and historical treasures, it is hard to mention all the places one should see. Therefore, we will start from the obligatory ones!

  • Wawel Castle and Cathedral – located on a picturesque hill, the complex constitutes the best place to explore Polish history. Of course, one should not forget about the Dragon, located at the foot of the castle. It’s an emblem of Krakow, just as the mermaid for Warsaw.
  • Oskar Schindler’s Factory – another place of great historical value. The museum inside Oskar Schindler’s factory is a great place to learn about the WWII, explore Jewish history and notice the unbelievable heroism. Whether you watched Spielberg’s movie or not, it is definitely a must see!
  • Kazimierz – fall in love with Kazimierz. Being the center of Jewish culture for almost 500 years, it was systematically destroyed during the WWII. However, it didn’t root out the unique bohemian, artistic spirit. Right now, it’s the Cracow’s most vibrant neighborhood packed with historical sites, atmospheric cafes and art galleries.
  • Main Market Square – Of course the real heart of the city beats here. With St. Mary’s Basilica, the wooden altar by Veit Stoss, the famous Krakow Cloth Hall and the Town Hall, the Main Market Square is always bustling.

Family Places

Travelling with kids and wondering what to do in Krakow? Don’t worry, we can assure you that they will find plenty of delightful attractions here.

  • Zoo – located at the Wolski Forest at the edge of the city, features a great variety of animals of all sizes.
  • Botanical Garden – the 18th century garden takes up almost 10 hectares square. It is populated by thousands of unique plants.
  • Aviation Museum – with many impressive machines and interactive, and multimedia solutions, it will effectively take your kids’ minds.
Cool ways of spending time

Apart from exceptional monuments, mesmerizing architecture and mind-blowing art, Krakow can offer some really hip attractions.

  • Axe throwing – Offered by BAD AXE club, axe throwing is a really fascinating alternative. Come solo or with friends and throw your bad emotions away with the axe. Enter into competitive spirit and get the highest scores. Once you feel that rush, you will want to come back here!
  • Underground Museum – located under the main market square, conceals a passage to an outer world. With the mysterious, medieval climate inside and loads of interactive solutions you will simply love this place.
  • MOCAK – an amazing spot for contemporary art amateurs. Modernistic and innovative, the gallery comprises famous pieces from both local and international artists.

Krakow by night

If you are wondering what do in Krakow by night, we have some few solutions.

  • Clubs – actually there are so many pubs and clubs that it’s impossible to choose the best one. Organized around the Main Market Square, but also outside, will make you wanna party till the crack of dawn.
  • Forum Przestrzenie – a large public square located by the river, overseeing Wawel castle. Filled with comfy sitting baskets and beach beds, constitutes a great spot for every time of the day. After dark, it often transforms into a hot party place.
  • Tram or boat party in Krakow – a bit expensive, but who knows when you’ll be in Krakow next time. Look for some tickets online and join a crazy party on the tram or onboard the boat.
  • Of course, you can also pop in to BAD AXE club, which located a stone throw from the Main Market Square (Basztowa 10) can be a great start to your night out.

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